Scientific activities

Scientific activities of the Nanotechnology centre are represented by two main fields of interest: the field of nanotechnology focused on syntheses and preparation of nanomaterials and the field focused on characterization of nanomaterials (and materials in general) and study of their properties. In addition to chemical and physical methods of nanomaterial preparations, biosynthesis of nanomaterials is also one of the specializations of the Nanotechnology centre.

In the field of nanotechnology, methods of preparation of nanocomposite and particulate materials based on clay and carbonaceous nanomaterials are studied. Clay matrix is modified, delaminated and decorated with inorganic or organic compounds in order to achieve particular properties (anti-microbial, catalytical, sorption). Prepared materials are also used as nano-fillers  of the polymer matrix improving mechanical, thermal or e.g. conductive properties of the polymer. In the field of nano-carbon materials, methods of their preparation from both liquid and solid precursors are studied as well as possibilities of their doping and modification for further applications.

In both the nanomaterials and bulk materials prepared, structure and morphology are studied and their properties – including their interaction with living matter – are tested. A special field is characterization of the nanoparticles occurring in the environment due to the human activity. The list of scientific activities can be completed with molecular modelling of nanomaterial structure and their interactions in nanocomposites.

Good results are guaranteed also by the collaboration of the Nanotechnology centre with a number of both Czech and foreign Universities and other scientific and research institutions. Employees of the Nanotechnology centre are also principal investigators or investigators in fundamental and applied research projects.