Sample Preparation

Sample preparation:


Jaw crusher TESTCHEM. 

Jaw crusher Retsch. 

Planetary mill FRITSCH pulverisette 7, milling materials - agate and tungsten carbide. 

Laboratory vibrating mill VM 4. 

Planetary ball mill Retsch PM 4. 

Device for cryomilling in liquid nitrogen SPEX 6850. 

Device for sieve analysis Retsch VE 1000. 

Friction saw Leco LSM 175. 

Plate polisher Leco SPECTRUM SYSTEM 1000. 

Device for surface sputtering with metal and carbon POLARON SC 7640. 

High-pressure filtration device. 

Microwave digestion system with scattered radiation. 

Digestion system PERKIN-ELMER (samples mineralization in open and high-pressure regime up to the pressure of 100 atm). 

Gas fusion machine FLUXANA for preparation of borate pearls for XRF