Chemical Analysis

Analysis of chemical composition

SPECTRO XEPOS new - energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer. 

MULTI N/C 3100 – determination of TC, TOC, DOC and TNb, equiped with combustion system HT 1300. 

UNICAM 969 - atomic absorption spectrometer with flame atomization. 

UNICAM 989 QZ - atomic absorption spectrometer with electrothermic atomization. 

AMA 254 - atomic absorption spectrometer for determination of Hg. 

LAMBDA 11 – UV-VIS spectrophotometer.

NexION 350D, Perkin Elmer - Mass Spectrometer with Inductively Couplet Plasma with special software which measure single nanoparticles distribution.

CINTRA  303 – UV-VIS spectrophotometer equipped with diffuse reflectance accessory. 

JY 24 - atomic emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma. 

SPECTRO VISION EOP - atomic emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma. 

FTIR 2000 PERKIN ELMER - infrared spectrometer with Fourier transformation.

Liquid chromatography (Detectors: UV VIS Waters 486, fluorescent Waters 470, DAD 
Waters 996, electrochemical Waters 464). 

Gas chromatography (detectors: FID,ECD, TCD). 

Gas chromatography with mass detection system (MSD 5971).